Monday, March 27, 2017

April Fool's Day Status For Facebook Whatsapp Instagram

April fool day status for facebook whatsapp instagram :Hi there here i gathered some  best stuff for you but first you know now only few times to go for all fool’s day.  So if you are not prepared yet then i will help you but as a social media user you need to prepare for social media on this april fool. If you want birght future then laughing is important for you. Without laugh you cannot be happy in life. Anyway visit my previous article, April Fool Day Pictures Wallpapers Songs And Video To listen, watch and read about april fool. By the way here i collected some april fool’s day awesome status for facebook whatsapp and instagram so also grab it from below.

April fool day Status for facebook whatsapp instagram

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Beautiful fb whatsapp and instagram status for april fool

God makes a beautiful place to live, it is called Earth. God makes hundreds of sparks that twinkle, it is called Star. God makes Torch for night, it is called Moon. God makes a perfect person i.e. You, it is called Cartoon. Happy April Fool Day! fool messages friends

Life is a real film which is full of: Drama - When you are sad Suspense- When you are afraid Action - When you are angry Comedy - When you look in mirror. Now you are smiling, That's Horror! Happy April Fools Day!

I am a Fool, I am a Fool, I am a Fool, OK OK. Now I know You are a Fool. Happy April Fools Day! foolish whatsapp status

I really like your Honesty,Wisdom,Attitude, and Last but not the least, your Sweet Smile on reading this false praise for you. Happy April Fools Day!

Hello Dear, Through this special invitation, I want to invite you for my marriage on this 31st April. Your presence is must because all fools are invited. april fool whatsapp trick

I want to say a very special thing to you, "I Like You". But more than this I like this talent to fool you. Happy April Fools day!

You are the most BEAUTIFOOL, WONDERFOOL and COLORFOOL amongst all FOOL'S. making fool sms

If you are not fool then press F13. Happy April Fools Day!....

Happy April Fools Day! May these smiles and Happiness continues for this full year..... april fool msg for whatsapp

Happy April Fool Day! From One Fool To Another. prank messages for friends


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