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Happy President’s day poems | Sweet Poetry of President day 2017

Happy President’s day sweet poems 2017:- ladies and gentleman here I have covered many topic and today I am covered topic of poem. Sweet poem can change your mind but when president day come it is double benefit because president is the day of our country leader. Anyway in my previous article I covered topic about Happy president's day Wishes message quotes and sayings 2017 and I know you liked it because in there i shared latest information about president day text stuff. President day is the official federal holiday of united states country. By the way here I collected some sweet and beautiful poems of president day 2017 for your family so also read it from below. 
Happy President’s day poems | Sweet Poetry of President day 2017
Happy President’s day poems | Sweet Poetry of President day 2017

Happy President’s day poems

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sweet poetry of president day 2017

Good-bye to all the Teddy Bears, both big and small!
The "Billy Possums" are in style for one and all.
We little girls, like older folks, are bound to keep in style,
And so we have to change our toys 'most every little while.
When Roosevelt or "Teddy," was ruler o'er this land,
All stylish girls and clever boys kept bears on hand
To play with and to walk with and to put to bed at night,
As "Teddy Bears" were symbols of the Rooseveltianlight.
But when King Teddy left his throne, Taft got his seat,
And soft brown Teddies disappeared from home and street,
While "Billy Possum" came to rule for two years or for three,
When "Bryan Kittens" will be hatched and all the rage will be.presidents day poems elementary
"I wish that I could be as great
As Washington," said Joe.
"You can, my dear," his mother said,
"If you but will it so."
"But how?" urged Joe. "I cannot do
The things he did - to be
As great as he was would just mean
A General, you see."
"A General, my little lad,
You can be if you will.
A climbing boy can always reach
The summit of the hill.
"But to be great, we first must be
Brave, kind and good and true;
And Washington was all of these,
Though but a boy like you."
"Perhaps," said Joe. "I'd better try
To be just good, and when
I am as old as Washington
I may be like him then." presidents day poems for preschoolers
King Teddy has much courage to fight both beasts and men
With pistols and with broadswords and with the mighty pen.
And now in Afric jungles he's busy fighting fleas,
Mosquitoes, and big tigers and monstrous bumble bees;
Huge elephants, gorillas and awful Guinea-worms,
Sloughing phagedaena, and sleeping sickness germs,
Tinea imbricata, piedra, and goundou,
Malaria and the ainhum, pinta, and the sprue,
Chyluria, mycetonia, leprosy and yaws,
Afric dysentery and maybe lions' claws,
Bubonic plague and dengue and dreadful tropic-boils,
Fevers black and yellow and sometimes serpents' coils,
Tinea Madagascar, Dhobie itch, screw worms,
Beri-beri and craw-craw and all the Afric germs;
With dread sun-traumatism, and abscess of the liver,
Yet none of these great terrors can make King Teddy shiver. president day poems for first grade
George Washington, Adams and Jefferson three
First rulers of Uncle Sam's land of the free:
Then Madison, Monroe and Adams again
All clever and upright and good honest men;
The Jackson, Van Buren and Harrison first,
Tyler and Polk whose terms were so curst
By war with the Mexicans who lost in the fray -
Then Taylor and Fillmore and Pierce held their sway.
Buchanan and Lincoln, Johnson and Grant,
Then Hayes, martyred Garfield, despiser of cant,
Arthur and Cleveland, Harrison (Ben)
McKinley the martyr, beloved by all men;
Then most energetic and strenuous Teddy
And plump William Taft for a second term ready
When Wilson was placed in this nation's great chair
And promised to always rule wisely and fair. president's day poem for kindergarten


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