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Australia Day Poems 2017 || Beautiful Poetry for Happy Australia day 2017

Australia day 2017 poems: hi friend welcome to the blog of Australia day. And here I want to share awesome stuff that you can enjoy more. Here I gathered some latest poems of Australia day 2017. If you are student then you can sing this poem for teacher and teachers can also learn and sing this poem with sweet voice on Australia day. You can also use these poems for parades of 2017 of Australia country. Anyway please visit my previous post #35+ Australia Day SMS 2017 || Text SMS of Australia Day   and enjoy it.

Australia Day Poems 2017 || Beautiful Poetry for Happy Australia day 2017
Australia Day Poems 2017 || Beautiful Poetry for Happy Australia day 2017 

Happy Australia day poems 2017

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Australia Day 2017 Wonderful poetry

By Mick Colliss

I love this land Australia in, oh, so many ways
The pristine beaches, clear blue sky and endless sunny days
But most of all I love the people that she calls her own
The lucky ones so fortunate to call Australia home
I love the way we’re all embraced no matter where we’re from
Whether we’re a Kiwi, Scot, South African or Pom
I love our laid back attitude, where no ones too uptight
Our optimist outlook of “no worries she’ll be right”
I love the way we’d rather say G’day than say hello
The way we give a mate a nickname just by adding ‘o’
The way we love to have a crack and punch above our weight
And stick tight to the golden rule of always help a mate
I love our sense of humour, the dryness of our wit
The brave young men who went to war just to do their bit
The way we know the Don’s Average, the way we love Merv Hughes
The way we’ll back an outsider and not care if we lose
The way we worship Boonie when he hasn’t played for years
The way we have our friends around for barbies and for beers
The way when things are going bad we say “it could be worse”
The way that no one knows our national anthem’s second verse
I love how we do deeds expecting nothing in return
I love how much we care about those ashes in that urn
I love the passion of our fans, I love that we love sport
The way our team can make us feel ecstatic or distraught
I love our language; love the phrase a technicolour yawn
I love that we can all lay claim to Cathy, Hoges and Dawn
I love how we have different ways to spread our vegemite
I love the way that none of us gives up without a fight
And that to me is why this place Australia is so great
And why we have so many things that we can celebrate
She may have natural beauty that extends from coast to coast
But the people are the things about this place I love the most  poems for australia day

I guess you never notice
But I love this great big land
I love its sheer beauty
It's so big and bloody grand

You have the Blue Mountains
And the Great Dividing Range
You have the Stirlings in the west
And the Flinders are so strange

And then there's the Grampians
And the Hamersleys are there too
They're so full of iron ore
The miners love them too

Then you have our rivers
The Murray comes to mind
A longer one I don't think
You could ever find

Then you have the Avon
It runs so fast in flood
It only has a stony bottom
Cause it washed away the mud

Then you have our deserts
They're all so hot and dry
You have to keep on waving
To keep away the flies

But when it rains out there
The wild flowers come to life
With all the colours of a rainbow
That stretch from sky to sky

It really is a wondrous place
This great big land of mine
From the mountains to the oceans
And all that's bound in time

And you just know damn well
It's the best you have ever seen
Because a better place there has never been.
- Dags  fathers day poems australia

The Irish have St Patrick's Day
The Yanks July the fourth
The French love their Bastille Day
Which they love with all their worth
We celebrate Invasion Day
We stole someone's land
Why we celebrate it, I just don't understand
So why not have a national day
One all can celebrate
I propose Federation Day
That's a perfect date.
- Daniel Collins  mothers day australia poems

Tall towering gum trees blowing softly in the wind.
Rain that falls heavy causing the floods.
That's all part of Australia. Its people are friendly, not cold.
The wind tells its stories of old, as it lifts the treetops and sways the reeds.
Farmers tilling the wheat fields planting their seeds.
Summer is gone and with it winter will be here again, gone are the dry winds and sun there will be the rains.
Day and month and years fly by so fast
Yet my country, wide rolling, fine and free will stand fast.
- Helen Tyler  poems on australia day


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